Tourspain Wearable Travel Kit


The Tourspain travel involve the combination of three innovating devices that will make your travels more pleasant and enjoy the latest on wearable technology. IT CONTAINS: 1. Packaging with integrated screen To safeguard and introduce the Tourspain Travel Kit, we create a Packaging at the level of the project, this is why we integrate a X inch screen in which we display content of the campaign, to see it we have just press on the play button. 2. WEARABLE HAT WITH USB CHARGER SYSTEM. Thanks to the wearable hat you will find within your Travel Kit you won’t have to worry about for your electronic devices life during your travels. The wearable with USB charging system integrates a complex solar panel system which takes the energy from the sun light and transform it into current power supply, in order to charge your electronics devices thank to its USB plug. It supply clean and renewable energy, and extend the lifespan of your electronic devices. Do not miss a call, this special photo or listen to your favorite music. Keep your smartphone, Tablet, GoPro or others devices charged while you are traveling and enjoying the sun. 3. HOLOGRAPHIC PYRAMID FOR SMARTPHONE. With the Holographic Pyramid included in your Travel Kit you can visualize the Tourspain holographic content. You just have to playback on your smartphone the Tourspain video, to put the holographic pyramid upon the smartphone screen and enjoy the the experience. The images of the most emblematic spanish monuments will appear floating in the air. 4. WEARABLE T-SHIRT WITH HEARTH BEATING PHOTO SYSTEM. With your wearable t-shirt you can store your travels best memories without taking your camera, thanks to this wearable you can immortalize the most unexpected moments. Equipped with a micro camera connected via wifi and a bracelet via Bluetooth to the “Tourspain” app on your smartphone, this wearable capture the most spontaneous moments during your travels. The bracelet your hearth beating level to the app, and depending on your activity you can choose the mode that adapts the best to your travel activity, Tapeo mode, Tourism mode or Sport mode, each mode activate the camera to different hearth beating levels, you can also set the time frequency between captures. The photos are displayed on the app where you can have fun editing with different filters, and sharing it through your favorite social networks.

  • Company: Tourspain
  • Campaign name: Tourspain Wearable travel kit
  • Contracting agency: MEC
  • City: Madrid