Kids Social Search Platform

Banana Connection

The creation and development of Children's Social Network Banana Connection has been one of the biggest challenges we have faced up to this day. The complexity of the project owes to the fact that there are five different categories of user, over one hundred separately designed and programmed sections and various mobile applications for iOS and Android. Banana Connection is a social network for kids from 7 to 13 years as a virtual space for leisure and communication with web features such as blogs, chat, messaging, music, videos and games. The children are in turn supervised by their parents via a parental control application where parents can access, check and override their child’s key actions such as accepting friend requests and viewing photos, as well as access information on discounts for activities and products promoted by brand users. There is also profiles for schools and teachers who wish to communicate with students and parents. The brand profiles have been designed for both SMEs and large companies to allow them to easily communicate with their target audience through the platform’s flexible targeted marketing of a variety of different media, banners and discounts.

  • Company: Banana Connection
  • Campaign name: Kids Social Search Engine
  • Contracting agency: Globalzepp
  • Year: 2016 - until today
  • City: World wide

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