Interactive Information Point with Holographic Pyramid


BTL campaign to promote the new AW77 collection of the Just Do It brand at the Nike store in Paseo de Gracia, Barcelona. For this campaign Globalzepp supplied Nike with interactive technology in the form of a Holo 360º information point, in which a 3D hologram of the product can be seen spinning in the air, changing colour and fading away to reveal the Nike logo. Also, two side screens allow visitors to interact with the brand. The first is a touchscreen allowing them to forward product information via Bluetooth or email and also flick through a digital magazine. The second is a screen equipped with keyboard and track ball which they can use to browse the NikeID brand website and also customize their AW77 garments.

  • Company: Nike
  • Campaign name: Nike ID
  • Contracting agency: Lateral Thinking
  • City: Barcelona

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