Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality and Spatial Mapping

What’s the Virtual Reality

The Virtual Reality or known also by its initials VR, is an artificial envitonement created trough software and presented to the users as a mean in which he’s immersed into a projected virtual environment experience. The Virtual Reality is presented to the user thanks to a computer connected to sensors, like the HMD or Wearable computers, which allows experiences through the sight, sound, touch or even smell.

The most common content, developed for Virtual Reality, is based into 3D environments with can be explored by the user, immersed in an other reality which he experience with his own senses.

Marketing campaign with Playstation VR

At the latest developments this technology has successfully evolve to the point of achieving add movement and real interaction of the user through the space thanks to the objects and environment mapping, this technology is called Spatial Mapping. Or even mix the real environment in the way of the Augmented Reality thanks to cameras and transparent optical sensors or HUD (Head-up display), this mix between Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality is called Mixed Reality.

HTC Vive Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality

Microsoft HoloLens VR HUD Spatial Mapping

Even if the Virtual Reality has seen its beginning long time ago, at present it is experiencing a boom thanks to the new technologies, opening a big range of possibilities into the marketing world, transmitting the brand in an experiential way and creating a big impact on the targeted audience.