4 Digital Marketing strategies applied to the Street Marketing

4 Digital Marketing strategies applied to the Street Marketing

Nowadays we use to associate the Digital Marketing to the pc and mobile phones through online platforms. Nevertheless it doesn’t only include this media, in fact we can even see more and more this kind of marketing applied to Guerrilla Marketing, Street Marketing and outdoor advertising (OHH / DOOH), it has as objective to impact and leave a print on the customer mind relying on the new technologies.

The trend is born from the desire of self-improvement and creativity, that lead us to integrate and adapt new technologies to the conventional supports and media, this is the case of the 4 following campaigns that fuse Street Marketing and Digital Marketing.

1. One of the most common, but very efficient, are the OPI, billboard and bus shelters advertising supports, in which we pass from having static posters advertising to the installation of professional digital systems, in which we can integrate screens systems with video contents, to Augmented Reality, Face Tracking, Morphing applications content, or other technics.

Pepsi Augmented Reality Bus Shelter OPI

2. Thanks to technologies as the digital sensors or 3D Cameras mixed with softwares development as Body Tracking or Gesture Tracking, we can achieve to develop actions in which we can detect the body motion, immersing the user in a unique and different experience. This can be applied to public spaces like bus shelters, malls, or others.

Body Tracking Iron Man 3

3. We can also see Street Marketing campaigns that integrates big size outdoor screens that with the help of stands or interaction points with others technologies, make the users feels like being the main character of the advertising campaign.

Basketball World Cup Body Tracking

4. As last example of Street Marketing campaign applied to Digital Marketing, we can highlight the Video Mapping 3D projected into buildings or external structures, like for example statues or monuments. If we look to go a step further, we can fuse this technology with other technics like the Augmented Reality with structural recognizance. One of the biggest challenge while projecting a video mapping 3D is the day light luminosity, with the next example we can see how fusing technologies can make to achieve a video mapping 3D action during the day, without projection.

Mapping 3D y R.A. Nike mix

Basically this mix of technologies is bringing the Digital Marketing to a more creative and experiential level, it increases every time with the new emerging technologies, opening a new field of opportunities almost unexplored and full of new alternatives to the innovation.

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