Experiential Marketing applied to the Packaging

Experiential Marketing applied to the Packaging

Today we will talk about how we can generate emotions trough the product packaging, or be able to sell a product trough the experiential packaging that surround us with stories.

Innovation can be applied to everything around us, specially with this competitive times we are facing nowadays..

This is why this it is important that the companies marketing managers to be able to visualize the opportunities to connect with their clients, we are not only talking about impact, but about creating experiences, trough which we can positionate the brand or product in te costumers mind.

This campaigns objective is to considerably increase the memory thanks to the emotional impact.

Now let´s imagine that we buy a product or receive an experiential packaging, which brings instructions to assemble the content and live an interactive experience, to install an app or to visit a microsite from your mobile device; after these steps, we will start enjoying with trough holograms inside the same scenario assembled with the packaging.

The possibilities that can be realized to create experiences, games, virtual pets, the users teletransportation inside of the packaging, movie scenarios, etc. Those experience cannot be forgotten easily and the users will never forget it, probably will be recommended and this way become viral on social networks.

Now that you know the importance of the experiential packaging, this is important to plan it on your marketing campaigns. The objective is to catch the client attention and the dost important, something that will be remember for long time.

Kit-Kat Holographic Experiential packaging

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