What is the Experiential Marketing and how do we apply it at Globalzepp

What is the Experiential Marketing

Experiential Marketing is about the use of innovative tactics and approaches based on the creation of experiences to get in touch with the costumer in a creative, convincing and memorable way. Trough emotional experiences of communication and consumption rewarding for the user, integrating Marketing strategies addressed to positively stimulate feelings and sensations.

With the objective of creating a closer link between the costumer and the brand, immersing them into a memorable experience, and making the customer to choose a product or service by the offered experience before buying and during its consumption.

At Globalzepp we like to give, to each Experiential Marketing campaign , our “Technological Geeks” touch. After a thorough study, we choose the new technologies, digital tools and interactivity that adapts the best to each campaign. We succeed to differentiate positively the brand trough the market, impacting the targeted audience and leaving good memories, on a way that can only be reached trough Experiential Marketing.

We use monitoring and statistics tools as well, so we can have the information of the campaign in real time.

And at last but not least we add the necessary tools to allow the users share it trough social networks, including a video that show and explain the experience, that way viewers will live the experience as they have lived it by their own.

Some successful Experiential Marketing campaigns:

First drinkable Coca-Cola advertising

Eyes on the road for Volkswagen

Augmented Reality with the Gasol Brothers for San Miguel

Different examples compilation