Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality and Spatial Mapping

What’s the Virtual Reality

The Virtual Reality or known also by its initials VR, is an artificial envitonement created trough software and presented to the users as a mean in which he’s immersed into a projected virtual environment experience. The Virtual Reality is presented to the user thanks to a computer connected to sensors, like the HMD or Wearable computers, which allows experiences through the sight, sound, touch or even smell.

The most common content, developed for Virtual Reality, is based into 3D environments with can be explored by the user, immersed in an other reality which he experience with his own senses.

Experiential Marketing applied to the Packaging

Experiential Marketing applied to the Packaging

Today we will talk about how we can generate emotions trough the product packaging, or be able to sell a product trough the experiential packaging that surround us with stories.

Innovation can be applied to everything around us, specially with this competitive times we are facing nowadays..

This is why this it is important that the companies marketing managers to be able to visualize the opportunities to connect with their clients, we are not only talking about impact, but about creating experiences, trough which we can positionate the brand or product in te costumers mind.

4 Digital Marketing strategies applied to the Street Marketing

4 Digital Marketing strategies applied to the Street Marketing

Nowadays we use to associate the Digital Marketing to the pc and mobile phones through online platforms. Nevertheless it doesn’t only include this media, in fact we can even see more and more this kind of marketing applied to Guerrilla Marketing, Street Marketing and outdoor advertising (OHH / DOOH), it has as objective to impact and leave a print on the customer mind relying on the new technologies.

The trend is born from the desire of self-improvement and creativity, that lead us to integrate and adapt new technologies to the conventional supports and media, this is the case of the 4 following campaigns that fuse Street Marketing and Digital Marketing.

What is the Experiential Marketing and how do we apply it at Globalzepp

What is the Experiential Marketing

Experiential Marketing is about the use of innovative tactics and approaches based on the creation of experiences to get in touch with the costumer in a creative, convincing and memorable way. Trough emotional experiences of communication and consumption rewarding for the user, integrating Marketing strategies addressed to positively stimulate feelings and sensations.

With the objective of creating a closer link between the costumer and the brand, immersing them into a memorable experience, and making the customer to choose a product or service by the offered experience before buying and during its consumption.